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CER transition from conventional to redsky intrado

Keith Abbott

Good Day,

We are in the process of switching from our established conventional ERLs in CER, to Redsky using Intrado.
(Redsky will be via SIP trunk rather than PSTN)

I have a couple of 'safety valve' questions before I break something in a regrettable way.

First - Id like to verify that creating an intrado route pattern will not break my conventional ERLs - can anyone verify that for me?

Second - Im trying to figure out a way I can 'pre-populate' our existing ERLs into redsky (presumably using the migration tool) while keeping our conventional ERLs active. Id guess I have to create a duplicate ERL with different ELIN - and migrate that? any other ideas?

Thirdly - how can I set up the call manager side so I can test calls to redsky - while maintaining conventional ERLs for everyone but the testers - I presume I could configure a separate Emergency CSS (Emerg-Redsky ie) - but a 911 call will still route to CER and get treated - and still come back to CM as normal 911 that routes to the carrier rather than redsky.
Any Ideas?

Thanks for any help you can provide

1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

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1. Creating an Intrado route pattern alone in CER does not impact anything.

2. Check out link below for Conventional ERL to Intrado ERL migration

3. You do not need a separate CSS to test Redsky in your scenario. Here is what you need to do.
In CER, create an Intrado Route Pattern, let's say 1111.911. Next, create an Intrado ERL and select 1111.911 for route pattern under the drop down list then enter your ELIN in the ELIN field. Next, I suggest you assign a test phone or a few test phones manually to this ERL for testing. You could also use the