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Change in Doamin name for UC and Telepresence system

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Level 1

I have question regarding change in domain name for CUCM/IMP/Telepresence/CollabEdge.  I am not sure what will be impact on system and end user perspective when we change domain name. End user is using Jabber and MRA functionality. I need to have all host populated with new domain and also require certificate exchange with new domain name. Is there any good documentation or gotcha need to be aware when we transitions from old domain to new domain?

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

A lot of that will depend on one thing, how is the JID for your users built??

If it's then all of the users will change as per the new IM&P domain. If you're using directory URI, and that field will not change, then most of the config for MRA will remain, you'll just need to get the new certs for the servers.

There's no documentation, CUCM and IM&P it's just a command on CLI, for a lot of the TP stuff is just changing it in the GUI.

As you mention, all of this will affect the certs.



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