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Check list for Licensing Best Practice Document

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Does anyone know were to locate the Cisco Licensing Best Practice document?   I would like to download a copy and read through it.  Thanks!

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Level 5

We don't have a licensing best practice document. What specific information are you looking for? We may have other documentation that includes the information you need.



We are looking for a best practice for CUWL licensing.   We were told that it was on this website, but I could not find it.

Here is a link to all the CUWL resources:

We don't have a formal CUWL best practices document, but we do have At-A-Glance documents and presentations that you may find what you're looking for.



For general licensing information, you may also view here: <>
Midway down the page:
Need help with Cisco Licensing? Look in this FAQ <>  for answers or watch this video <

You can c
lick on the link for FAQ or video.


As many of you may know, throughout the year we create virtual experiences within the Cisco Collaboration Community to make you all aware of our product announcements and educate you on what's new.  They often contain information about Cisco activities at industry events (keynote, speaking sessions, booth demos, contests, etc) or at our own Cisco Live.

These virtual experiences have a limited lifespan and when the news is not as new and the event is over, then we migrate content and discussions that are still of value to permanent spaces within the Collaboration Community so that visitors can continue to benefit from that information and sharing.

We just retired a virtual experience from 2011, and that is why I'm moving this discussion. Due to the move, this discussion will show up in email subscriptions, RSS feeds and in the 'Recent Discussions, Documents,  Blogs and Videos" widgets which might be confusing because the discussion thread is not new or updated. However, the content is still pertinent so take a look as it may benefit you.

Lisa Marcyes

Cisco Collaboration Community Team