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Cisco attendant console 14.0.2 unable to answer incoming external call

Level 1
Level 1

We have Cisco Attendant console and this very annoying issue.

Our Receptionist operators are able to see the incoming calls but when they double click to answer, nothing happens, the call continues to ring and eventually dropped. The application continues to run, another call comes in and same thing, calls keep ringing and operator is unable to answer, right click to answer also does not work. We have tried all possible suggestions that Cisco TAC had mentioned in their troubleshooting but this issue keeps coming back. We need your help.

We have multiple troubleshooting tickets opened with Cisco TAC but they just cannot find the root cause and the issue is still unresolved after more than a year.

Cisco Unified Attendant Console Administration - System Version:
Administration Version:


Cisco TAC cases:

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an many more.


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