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Cisco CUCM upgrade 8.6 to 11

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Level 1
Hi All
I am planning to upgrade our Cisco IPT infrastructure from 8.6 to 11.x . We are currently having UCS B200M2 blade servers and planning to change the servers, since it will be end of support by first quarter of next year. I am planning to replace the UCS B200M2 server with UCS BE7000H (M4) servers and I am planning to upgrade by following method.
1. Install CUCM, CUC, UCCX on the new UCS BE7000H (M4) server with 8.6 version.
2. Take the working CUCM,CUC and UCCX 8.6 backup and upload to the new CUCM,CUC and UCCX installed in UCS BE7000H (M4) and these servers will not be in network.
3. Upgrade the CUCM,CUC and UCCX on UCS BE7000H (M4) to 11.x version.
4. Disconnect the existing Cisco UCS server from network and connect the network to the new UCS BE7000H (M4) with the newly upgrade CUCM.
5. Phones will upgrade to the latest firmware.
I would like to know, if this approach is possible or not. If yes, what will be the challenges? Is UCS BE7000H (M4) is good choice as a replacement for UCS B200M2 ?
Looking for your valuable inputs.
Thanks and Regards
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Adarsh Chauhan
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