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Cisco CUCM vs Analog FXOFXS/VoIP GW: SIP 405: Method Not Allowed

HI All,

Getting some issue with CUCM vs Analog/VoIP GW. Also called FXOFXS GW(from PATTON)

Indeed, whereas SIP Trunk is up from CUCM to Analog/voIP GW, Analog/FXS users from this GW can not REGISTER on CUCM(they are declared as Third-party SIP advanced users)

Tracing both sides, I get following errors:

SIP 405 Method Not allowed

399 SIP trunk disallows REGISTER

Allow: INVITE, OPTIONS, INFO, BYE, CANCEL, ACK, PRACK, UPDATE, REFER, SUBSCRIBE, NOTIFY => REGISTER indeed not allowed=no present in this list

I tried to play with SIP trunk security profile, especially port... But no better for the moment

I definitely need these users to REGISTER,


So how can I enable/allow this REGISTER method over this SIP trunk?

Normally, users that try to REGISTER:

   - 1st, receive  some SIP 401(with digest/authent informations to implement in 2nd REGISTER sending try

   - Then send a 2nd REGISTER with effective digest/authent informations

   - In the end, 200 OK => user REGISTERED OK on CUCM

Thank you for advice


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