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Cisco Emergency Responder 11.5.1 - DRS email alerts

Level 3
Level 3

Hello All,

    We are running CER 11.5.1 and whenever a DRS backup runs, it runs successfully but it sends about 70 emails to the administrator of the successfull backup.  Does anyone know where you setup the email to recieve DRS alerts in Emergency Responder 11.5.1?  Is it in RTMT and does RTMT even work for CER?  


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Aseem Anand
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Jason,

I dont think there is any way to specifically disable alerts for DRS, however there was a defect with the same issue on version 10.X. I understand you are running 11.5 but i would still suggest you to test the following:

1. Delete the current backup device details from CER.

2. Create a new backup device (a different server) pointing to a newly created, empty path/directory.

3. Restart DRS services and test again.


I've just upgraded to 11.5.1 as well and getting daily "alerts" that "Cisco DRF Master-DRF Backup process completed successfully." There has to be a way to turn off this alert email, or at least control who gets it and who doesn't.  I can't even find where CER is getting the email address it's using.  RTMT also doesn't play nice with CER so i can't see the Alert setting either.

Any other ideas?

Having the same issue.  Did you get it resolved? 

Does the server have to be a completely new one or can we use the same on again? My customer isn't going to be too thrilled to learn we need to build a new server for DRS just because CER decided it wants to send notifications for every successful backup

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi there,


It sounds like this bug;


CER - Disable DRF Backup Successful Emails
CER sends emails (sometimes more than one) when a DRF backup is successfully taken. There is no option to disable these emails.

Manual backup or scheduled backup

Remove the SMTP server altogether but this prevents other alerts from being sent.