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Cisco IM and Presence

Hello Everybody,

i have following problem:

i installed Cisco IM and Presence Server 11.5 (IP:

This installed Server is authenticated with temporary installed CUCM Publisher ver. 11.5 (IP:

Both machine installed as Ver 11.0 after upgrade to 11.5.

Also i have two CUCM Server (ver.11.5) running in one cluster. (Publisher and Subscriber)

Publisher has IP and Sub

My object is to change on Presence Server the IP of Publisher Node for binding new cucm publisher on presence server. to

I tried to change this one but after restart the services isnt coming up.

I think, an issue in the database.

Is it possible to change the ip address of pub node on presence server.




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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Yes, you can change the IP's, are you following the document for that procedure?



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I found some document about changing IP from CUCM Publisher and IM&P within a cluster but no if i want to bind the IM&P to other CUCM Publisher.

I tried under Cisco Unified IM and Presence OS Administration - Settings - IP - Publisher

to change the Hostname and IP and i restartet the IM&P Server but after restart

i see with comman utils service list page the service "Service Manager" is started and running but all the other services stay in the "STARTING" mode.

And with show network cluster command i see.. CUCM-Pub.....DBPub not authenticated.......

What you are able to find there is the process when you are changing the IP Address of CUCM to which IM&P is already a part of and needs to update the new IP. At no point, the document will be stating that you can do it for a different cluster altogether, you will need to rebuild there is no other option. So basically these are two different things and can't be done interchangeably.



Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What you are trying to do there is break one running server (as IM&P is now considered a subscriber of CM cluster starting 10.x) from Cluster/DB 1 and trying to add it to another Cluster/DB 2 altogether. Think it like this, you want to remove CM subscriber from Cluster 1 and add it to Cluster 2. Can you do it No same is the case for IM&P as it is considered a part of the CM DB only. You will need to delete the entry of Im&P from cluster 1 and add the entry in Cluster 2 and then rebuild it again to make it part of the DB/cluster 2.



Hi Deepak,

i have forgotten to say. Our CUCM Cluster (Vers.11.x) are running since last year. We ordered NFR bundle Vers. 11.0. The CUCM Cluster are installed first with 11.0 then later we upgraded to 11.5

Now, we want to use Cisco Jabber and need the IM&Presence.

I tried to install this one (Vers. 11.0) but within the installation i got an error message. See attached file. The installtion routine say me, its not possible to validate when version is differently.

IM&P Vers. 11.0 and CUCM currently 11.5

We have only 11.0 installer (bootable)

I haven`t found any solution for this. So my workaround for this was to install a temporary CUCM Server 11.0 then IM&P Vers. 11.0 then Upgrade both to 11.5

Then my object was to unbind the IM&P Server from the temporary CUCM then to bind to currently CUCM Publisher.

I hope you understand what my problem is.

In that case why don't you choose "Would You Like to Apply A Patch as part of the upgrade" and point the installer towards the 11.5(1) upgrade image option during installation wherein system will install 11.0(1) and on top of that will also install 11.5(1) during the upgrade itself and the validation should go through in this case.

If you are facing any issues while doing this, then contact your Cisco AM or TAC to request bootable for 11.5(1) IM&P itself and build it then.



Iam trying to install IM&P with installation file "Bootable_UCSInstall_CUP_11.0.1.10000-6.sgn.iso

The installation process don`t ask me "Would You Like to Apply A Patch as part of the upgrade"

in this documentation Installation Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager and IM and Presence Service Release under "Apply a Patch to Upgrade During Installation"

"This option is available when you install Unified Communications Manager nodes. It is not available for IM and Presence nodes."

I will try to contact TAC.


My bad, the option will not be there for IM&P just tested in my lab as well. Yes contact TAC and request them for the bootable 11.5(1) IM&P ISO and proceed with the installation then.




The problem is resolved.


It possible now to download from Cisco the bootable ISO Image for Cisco Presence 11.5


I could install the 11.5 VErsion of Cisco Presence successfully.

Glad that the issue had been resolved after reinstalling Presence. Please remember to mark the thread as Answered if there are no further questions on the topic.

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