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Cisco Self Care Portal v11.5 - changing screen instructional content - Phone Services PIN



Totally new user here. We are in the midst of deploying a new phone system and wanted to use the Cisco Self Care portal for basic phone management of the 7841 and 8861 models. However the instructional content, particularly for Phone Services PIN is incorrect and we need to change it before we can roll this out.  Is this possible? I have been told that no, this is a global setting.

Our required PIN format is 6-8 characters only but the instructions read from 1-128 (see below in blue).  I have never come across any PIN ever that only allows 1 character.  The user experience on this is confusing and would drive up volume to call centre.

"This PIN is used for Extension Mobility, Self-Provisioning and other IP phone services.The new PIN must be between 1 and 128 numbers long. The PIN can only contain numbers, it cannot contain spaces, letters, or special characters."

Any insight welcome on this.

Thanks in advance.

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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

No, you cannot change the wording from the portal, you'll need to inform this to your users some other way.

Use the credential policy settings to make sure they cannot use less than 6 digits

Minimum Credential Length

Specify the minimum length for user credentials (password or PIN).

Do not enter 0 because blank passwords are not allowed. The default setting specifies 8. The minimum setting must equal at least 1.



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