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Cisco Supervisor Desktop Team State Threshold

David Kirk
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Level 1

Is there a way to set an alert on the cisco unfiied contact center express 8.5 supervisor's Desktop 8.5(1) so that when an agent has been in the "not ready" for greater than XX minutes it alerts the supervisor? 

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Level 9
Level 9

Hi David,

Not sure of setting an alert but Supervisor can use "Table 17. Summary display data"

Agents Not Ready : The number of agents in this CSQ who are currently in the Not Ready state.

And "Table 12. Team Summary display data (cont’d)"

Max Not Ready : The longest time the agent spent in the Not Ready state today.

And also refer the section "Creating Supervisor Work Flows"

Using the Supervisor Work Flow Administrator feature, you can configure your desktop to perform certain actions based on queue statistics for calls waiting and calls in queue for specified skill groups.

Refer the below link for more information on this.

Hope it helps.


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I see where the threshold can be set for calls that are waiting greater than a set time period and call that are on hold. I don't see an option to set a threshold for an agent that is in the Not Ready State. I have tried to find a way to configure it in the Cisco UCCX 8.5 Supervisor Work Flow Administration and in the Cisco UCCX 8.5 Desktop Work Flow Administrator  programs. I know that the Supervisor has the  Agents - Team State  window to watch the status of the agents but it would be nice to figure  out a way for there to be some king of notification when an agent is in  the Not Ready status for a set range.

Hi David,

Did you ever get an answer to this? I find it difficult to believe the answer is still no - even in version 11.

We have same requirement now


Rich, you can refer below thread and create something similar for either Team State Report or Voice CSQ Agent Detail Report and set the thresholds for Not Ready state:

Please note if you have further questions or doubts then open a new thread under Contact Center community: