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Cisco Unified Video Advantage and Windows 7

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Hello all,

Our business is in the process of migrating to Windows 7.  Our IT department is trialling it, but have discovered that since rebuilding our laptops with Windows 7 Business Edition (64-bit), the Cisco VT Advantage Camera II units are not being recognised by the operating system.

When we try to install the Cisco drivers for the camera, we are told by the setup program that these drivers are not compatible with the operating system.

Since the cameras are rebadged Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000 units, I tried going to Logitech's webpage to see if there were any drivers available for that model of camera, and was informed that the QuickCam Pro 3000 will not be supported under Windows 7.

The CUVA application itself installed with no problem, so we could potentially purchase one of the other supported webcams as replacement - it's just a terrible shame to put these cameras to pasture so soon; we only got them late last year.

Has anyone had any success with these units under Windows 7?

Might Cisco be working on a new Video Advantage Camera product, or working on Windows 7 compatibility with the existing camera?

Kind regards

Graeme Porter

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Re: Windows 7 x64 VT camera II drivers

There is an unsupported workaround for this.

I have tried it and it works but it doesn't let the video advantage work with anything except an IP Communicator. The solution is as follows

1)  Download the latest driver from Logitech's website for Vista x64 for the QCP 5000.

2)  From a non-Windows 7 PC (or from XP Mode), run the installer.  Let it extract all of the files, and DO NOT PROCEED through the installation process (or if it errors, keep the error message open).  Go to the Temp folder where the files were extracted (in my case, in XP Mode, it was C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Local Settings\Temp\QuickCam_11.1.0)  COPY (don't Move) this folder to a location that's accessible to your Windows 7 system.

3a)  For Cisco VT users, go into the \QuickCam_11.1.0\Drivers\x64\PRO464 folder and edit the lPRO464v.ini file.  Do a find-and-replace, finding 08C5 and replacing it with 08C7 (this essentially makes the ini file identify your Cisco VT device ID as a QCP 5000).  Save and close the ini file.

3b)  Go into Devices and Printers.  Go into the properties for the USB Composite Device, find the Unknown Composite Device, and update the driver.  Select to manually specify the driver location.  Point it to the \QuickCam_11.1.0\Drivers\x64\PRO464 folder, and you should be all set.

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As stated by a previous poster, CUVA won't work with Windows 7 at this time with a physical phone.  It will work with IP Communicator.  The current issue is that Cisco doesn't support Win7 with their CDP protocol which is need for the CUVA to detect an inline phone with your computer.

I have been asking Cisco to update their software to support Win 7.  I'm sure that the more people who requested it, the better.


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Thanks Keith nice one

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OK, so now I see the VT Advantage Camera III is available.

Does this product bring CUVA to the Windows 7 platform?  Will this camera work on Windows 7, and is there support for CDP for communication with 79xx-series phones yet?

so far, with CUVA, we have only been able to get a physical phone to work if we use Windows  XP Mode options of Windows7. NOT a perfect solution, but...only on windows 7 32bit. Us 64bit users are still SOL.

I am still hopeful Cisco will get with the program and start updating thier software with current market trends - they had access to the back end of windows 7 for over 2 years. 

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I found this online

it fixed the issue for me

Best of Luck


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