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Connection Call Handler Distribution List


Why has Cisco removed the ability to have a distribution list as an owner of a Call Handler?   This was an available option in Unity, and it made configuring owner's much easier.

An example:   You have 50 call handlers for a school district, and they hire a new superintendent.    In Unity, you would just have to add him to the PDL, and he would have the ability to record messages for any of the call handlers.     Now with Unity CN you have to touch each call handler and add the user, which requires a huge amount of time.

I have tried doing a bulk edit on the call handler's, and add the user as an owner,  and even that is not allowed.

Is there a reason why this functionality was removed?   Is there a new way to accomplish the same end result??

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Wow - 6 months, and no answer. Just migrated from Unity 7 to Connection 8.5 and found this out the hard way.  I have been looking, but as of yet, havent found any answers.

Not sure what answer you're hoping for - it is, indeed, not an option.  Its not on the target feature lists I've seen either.

There really is no answer other than the functionality to handle this was not plumbed into Connection.  There was not a deliberate decision of "hey, lets yank this out!" or anything - list functionality in Conneciton is handled manually (as opposed to in Unity where AD handles DL membership and management) so work is required here...

As ever the best I can suggest is to ask your account team to open a PERs - currently I don't see anything for this on deck so I have to assume it's not being asked for from the field.

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