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CUAC Out of Hours Routing

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I was curious if anyone has a definitive answer on how some of the queue logic is organized.  Specifically, I'm trying to determine if the attendant availability logic overrides the out of hours routing logic.  I'm hoping the answer is NO, but can't quite determine from the documentation.  Other than the CUAC help, I looked at the design and the admin guides, but neither speak specifically to the queue logic.


Here's what we're trying to accomplish:

We have 2 sites each with their own queue and operators

Site A hours: 8-5 M-F

Site B hours: 7-4 M-F

Site B's operators should be able to answer Site A's calls but only while both sites are open, i.e. between the hours 8 and 4.  Site A calls should ring to all operators (A's and B's) during those ours.  Site B operators should not get any Site A calls until 8AM.  Site A operators only answer Site A calls.


Here's what we configured:

To accomplish this, we assigned Site B operators to both queues and created an out of hours routing schedule for site A that route calls to voicemail until 8am.  However, it seems that as soon as an agent from site B logs in, CUAC disregards the out of hours routing schedule and sends the call to the operator.

Using the time-based overflow options doesn't work in this case as we want to have the calls ring to all attendants (broadcast).

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Hi, and its possible to Schedule Holidays  with CUAC?

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