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CUBAC/CUABE overflow issue

Hello support teams.

We have 2 operators each in their own queue. 
Calls are delivered to a hunting number in CUCM that delivers calls in circular hunt to
the DDIs of these 2 numbers
No operator overflow has been defined and works fine. Overflow number for queue 1 is
defined as the DDI of queue 2 and vice versa.
This works fine as long as at least 1 operator is logged in.

However if both operators log out, calls are lost (remain in the queue) unless one of them
puts the queue in Emergency mode, where emergency number is defined as another extension
in the company.

The issue is that many times the operators forget to put the queue in emergency mode and
calls are lost this way. Since working times are defined as from 07h00 to 20h00 and night
service number is same as Emergency. So if both operators log out at say 17h30, calls will
be lost till 20h00.

Can you please help out?

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Joshua Sandi

Hello Sadaseeven,

This is happening basically because the calls are being forwarded to another queue number, so if the queue is not availbale the it's never going to be delivered. Also as per the Attendant Console documentation you shouldn't have the DDIs in a hunt group.

Kudos to TAC for providing the solution


You're more than welcome! remember you can always rate helpful responses.

Actually I meant, I opened a TAC and a very helpful guy worked to provide an intelligent solution that basically is as follows

  • There are 3 queues: A,B and C.
  • There are 2 operators X and Y and Main reception Z.

  • A overflows to B and B overflows to C. C overflows to Z

  • X is member of A and C. Y is member of B and C.
  • When any operator logs out, calls automatically overflow to main reception.

Well yeah that makes sense like with my response, each call is going to be routed to the next queue independently of which operator is logged to which queue.

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