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CUCCX 8.5 : Can we distinguish Not ready and logout state of Agent

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Level 1

Hello everyone!

In CUCCX 8.5 : Can we distinguish Not ready and logout state of Agent?

Just wanted to check in below scenario, Can we tweak this using any script parameter? Presently Not Ready, and logouts are treating as same.

##      If a call comes through (at any time) and 1 or more agents in logged ON, but all logged in agents are NOT READY, send the call through and force a pop up on the screens of the not ready agents that there is a call coming through (so they can switch to ready status and pick up)

##     If a call comes through (at any time) and no agents are logged ON, direct the call to the after hours greeting which allows the caller to press 1 to leave a message, or press 2 to be forwarded to after hours

Thanks in advance


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Graham Old
Level 7
Level 7

You can get the login count for a CSQ and the number of agents ready, not ready, talking, work and reserved (which should equal the logged in count)

The problem comes with not ready. An agent will go not ready if they are on a non ACD call, for example they are on an outbound call or someone has called them directly. They can also be not ready if they have selected not ready. So you can't tell the difference from a script.

So if you just have a not ready count on your CSQ you cannot tell if any agents are on a call and will become ready soon or they have all gone home and forgotten to logout.


Hi Graham,

Thank you for great insight.

I was thinking of building of script, based on the Not ready and Logout states of agents. But there is no way to get this configured in script.

Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

I have created a script that looked for logged in agents before putting the call in the CSQ. The customer worked strange hours and day of week and time of day routing did not work very well for them.

The problem was that an agent would keep forgetting to logout and would go home leaving themseleves not ready and the script would then queue up a call which was not going to get answered.

In the end I had to drop that approach and go back to day of week and time of day.

Now if only you could get why an agent was not ready you would have a chance.