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CuciLync 10.6 CUCM 9.1.2 UDS Remote Cluster Not Working ILS

Zachary Bullough

When I configure cuci lync 10.6 to use UDS in a single cluster environment, everything works perfectly. Here is an example of the clusterUser query output in my sandbox when I query the home cluster directly:


<clusterUser uri="" version="9.1.2"><result version="9.1.2" uri="" found="true"/><homeCluster></homeCluster></clusterUser>


However, the real deployment environment has dozens of clusters, and only 4 DNS zones. So, at best we can make 4 publishers UDS hosts from DNS service discovery.  The configuration guide for CL 10.6 has a tiny footnote that multi-cluster environments (aren't they all?) require ILS to be setup so that the uds host can make queries against the other clusters' UDS information.

However, there's no detail on how to set this up, and the general feature guide makes no mention of getting UDS working. The SRND contains no useful information, either. Certainly, everything seems to be suggesting that it should just work. After hours of searching, I've been unable to find anyone else with this problem, or even any mention of setting it up.

After setting up ILS (and I've tried hub and spoke as well as just hubs), the UDS service is checked in Cluster View, but in both the hub and the spoke, the Remote Activated status is "false" and there are no addresses populated. UDS is not a service that can be activated, or even configured. When I make a query on the "master" UDS API for a user that should be working, I get this:


<clusterUser uri="" version="9.1.2"><result found="false"/><homeCluster/></clusterUser>


The "home cluster" box is checked for the user on (and only on) the actual home cluster (not this one). I've even tried deleting the user from the master UDS (even though that's not really an option) and all sorts of tweaks with the check boxes and menus in user config. But in the end, I'm pretty sure it boils down to UDS being 'disabled' remotely, and no way to change that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as at this point, upgrading CUCI Lync is not an option if this can't be configured.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You need to configure the remote clusters under: Advanced Features -> Cluster View -> Add New


Make sure that you use the publisher's FQDN in each remote cluster when you configure them.


Btw, ILS is not required for UDS cluster user lookup, regardless of what the docs say. UDS just needs to know about the remote clusters and then will begin discovering the other nodes (i.e. subscribers) in each cluster within 30 minutes. You can verify that this discovery process has completed by looking at the remote cluster information in Cluster View and noting that the Address-1, Address-2, and Address-3 fields are populated with the IP addresses of the first 3 nodes in the remote cluster.


Also, FYI, this discovery process runs on a timer in 9.1 and 10.0 (once every 30 minutes), but in newer versions (10.5 and up), the remote cluster node discovery starts as soon as you save the remote cluster page.

Agree, Cisco docs are misleading since ILS is not required for UDS to work. But that's not the only misleading doc i have found on CCO, Cisco MRA has its fair amount to...


- Alex

Hi Chribble,

Could you please explain how can host (jabber client or IP Phone) make queries against the other clusters' UDS information without enabling ILS?

Currently i'm looking for solution that enable host (jabber client or IP Phone) to make queries (directory contact lookup) against the other clusters' UDS information which have different Top Level Domain.

I'm using 

CUCM 11.5

IMP 11.5

for both cluster.



Hi Ovindo

When you configure Remote cluster  under: Advanced Features -> Cluster View -> Add New and activate UDS service you are "presenting" both clusters. That's how a multicluster is constructed. If a user does not belong to that server OR homecluster is not check, when doing a UDS request, the server will ask the rest of the clusters he knows about that user and eventually answer back to the original request.

BTW, You also have to consolidate certificates for both clusters to allow bot cluster to trust each other.

As you can see ILS network is not required

- Alex

Hi Alex,

I've upload tomcat.pem cert from clusterA to clusterB as tomcat-trust and vise versa.

And I try to add new Cluster via "Cluster View" menu, but I can't se UDS service, it just show TFTP, EMCC, etc without UDS.

Am i miss something?


HI Alex

Just update,

I can make UDS service appear on each cluster and try to activate that service but i'm still unable to queries (Lookup Directory Contact) from another cluster while using jabber mac 11.7 or ip phone 8945.

Attached screen capture from "Custer view" menu in both our cucm cluster,

Please advise.


How did you made the UDS service appear on cluster view page?


Check out BUG CSCuv67276
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