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CUCM 10.5 intergration with ConnectWise

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Out line of business application ConnectWise has a TAPI integration ability. We have a BE6000 with CUCM 10.5 & CUC 10.5 & Jabber clients running on CUPS with VCS-C&E server to provide access outside our office. Jabber is currently the way we dial numbers on our phones and control phone operations. Is there a newer way to implement click to dial features in ConnectWise that will not conflict with Jabber? What is the best way to enable the TAPI feature in ConnectWise

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Got IT!!


Install the Cisco TAPI 64-bit Client (or 32) from the Call Manager Plugin's (Applications, Plug-in's) and follow the configuration. It works great when Jabber is installed too. Just need to figure out how to add a 9 when trying to click on Outlook contacts. 


I'm currently trying to setup TAPI to work in Connectwise as well. Does the TAPI client need to be installed on the endusers workstation or on the Connectwise server? I have installed the client on my workstation however it is not showing up as a TAPI source.



Josh Lott

It needs to be installed on end user workstations and then set the Tapi in CW while logged in as that user. You may need to go into the modem settings and setup your area code too. Also reboot. 

Thanks for the reply.... Turns out I just needed to run the install as Administrator. Did you ever figure out how to get the 9 added? I was able to get that going...

Call Routing -> Dial Rules -> Application Dial Rules

Name: Jabber

Number of Digits 10

Total Digits to be removed 0

Prefix With Patter  9


Charles Berry


Did any of you have an issue with the call starting and then just hanging up? I see the call start off on my phone and then it just hangs up immediately. I have the 64-bit TAPI installed on my machine using my User ID to connect to CUCM. I have the roles assigned to my user account as well.

Did anyone get Jabber to work with ConnectWise Manage?  I see that someone looked like they got it to work. When I try to set the TAPI source I don't get anything in the drop down menu to chose