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CUCM 10.5 Universal Device Template page limits Line Label length for #tags#

David Finstein


I am running CUCM  We are trying to have our operations team change their practice to start deploying phones using the 'Quick User/Phone Add' feature (from CUCM Administration, go to User Management --> User/Phone Add --> Quick User/Phone Add).  One of our standard practices is to have a 'Line Label' on every line appearance on phones.  We are trying to build some automation into this using the #Tags# feature that Cisco has built into the system.

I'm running into a known defect (bug) with CUCM and trying to see if others are hitting the same bug.  Here is the defect information (CSCup62153):

I am seeing identical behavior to what is listed in the defect:

The Universal Device Template page enforces a 30 character limit on the Phone Buttons Configuration > Line > Line Label field, even when using tags such as #PrimaryExtension#, #LastName# or #FirstName#. When the character limit is exceeded, the error displayed in the web page reads "All characters allowed except quotes (")".

Administrator is updating the Line Label field in the CUCM Administration > User Management > User/Phone Add > Universal Device Template, and is using tags.

The defect lists no workarounds at this time.  For our purposes, this defect renders the 'Quick User/Phone Add' feature virtually useless, because we have to manually populate the 'Line Label' text on every phone.

Ultimately, I am trying to get my Universal Device Template 'Line Label' field to look like this: #FirstName# #LastName# #PrimaryExtension#

If you're having this problem, can you please open a TAC case with Cisco to push them to incorporate a fix in a future version of CUCM?  When Cisco assigns a defect a severity of 'Minor' (like this one), the bugs often never get fixed because Cisco doesn't think it's impacting enough customers.  I have a TAC case open already, but unless more people open cases for this defect, I am worried that it won't get fixed.

Any & all help is appreciated!

Thank you!

Dave Finstein

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David Finstein

I heard back from Cisco TAC and they confirmed that this bug still exists and there is no timetable for when it will be fixed:

"I have made research regarding the bug you are running into and unfortunately as you already checked there is currently no workaround for it.  The limit of 30 characters on the Line Label is still the same and I've been able to reproduce it with the latest CUCM version.

The bug is still active and it doesn't have an estimated time to be resolved.  My best recommendation is to subscribe yourself to the bug and you will get the latest notifications about it.  I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you."

The interesting thing here is that the fix for the defect should not be to allow more than 30 characters to display for the line label.

Instead the fix should be as follows: more than 30 characters should only be allowed if the administrator is using #tags# to populate the Line Label field.  If the values of the Line Label field populated from the #tags# exceed 30 characters, those values (and not the #tags#) should be concatenated to 30 characters.

If you can reproduce this issue, please help out the community by opening a support case with TAC so there is proof that it is impacting customers.  Hopefully this will push Cisco to release a fix.

FYI. Just discovered this bug is still present in the UC11 Beta 1.  I was trying to do the exact same thing  #FirstName# #LastName# #PrimaryExtension#

Hi All,

I have same problem.

I'm in the CUCM

I will open the Case for have they news of CSCup62153

Opened a case on this as well. Disappointing this hasn't been fixed, seems like it would be rather easy to evaluate that tags are being used and allow the longer string in the field.

-Mark Turpin
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