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CUCM Administrator Roles


Hi All,

Could someone tell me if there is a way to limit someone's access to CUCM using roles.

I want to give a junior admin access but only to do small things such as, change call forwarding of lines, edit device profiles (edit speed dials, add a line to a user etc).

Is that possible?

Alternatively, what is the point of the user URL, where the user can login to change their own line settings?

seems they can changes call forwarding options, but not add speed dials or do much else.

Thanks & Regards

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You can change the admin rights - create a new User Group, Role for CallManager Administration etc and assign them the pages they can 'read' or 'write'. However, it only allows granularity down to a page - e.g. Phone page, User page, Gateway page etc. You can't permit access to specific properties.

Users can modify speed dials on the user page - the interface isn't great on 8.x. Click on User Options, Device, select the device you want to put the speed dial on, and there should be a 'Speed Dial' button next to the 'Line Settings' button you go to for forwarding.

If it doesn't appear, go to ccmadmin, System/Enteprrise Parameters and see if someone has set 'Show Speed Dial Settings' to false.


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Hi thanks for that, it's very helpful. I'll need a little help setting up that role but i can tap into the knowledge of a colleague based in Dallas for that.

regarding the speed dials at user level, i see the list of speed dials, actually i get an option to enter 50 speed dials if i want, but entering just one in the first box doesn't change anything on the device.

This is the thing which i thought is "broken".


In order to see the speed dials on the phone, you need to set a Phone Button Template on your phone that has some line keys assigned to Speed Dial.

Alternatively you can dial the index (e.g. 2 for speed dial 2) of the speed dial, then hit the AbbrDial softkey to trigger it.



Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!
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