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CUCM Business Edition CUWL Licensing question


Customer has purchased the CUCM Business Edition CUWL Workstation Bundle. They are enquiring about the price differences between purchasing a "User license" a la carte style vs. CUWL. The additional users only require a Deskphone, and basic voicemail box.

Is it possible for them to purchase a la carte in this manner? Will there be a cost savings for them?

Thanks in advance and any documentation that I can be pointed to in regards to this type of scenario is appreciated.

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Jesus Sanchez


For CUCMBE you can have DLUs or CUWL, but you cannot combine them. You have to decide wich type of licencing is more appropiate for your customer.

In this case you have to make some exercises in order to know which one of those schemes is better for your client (in terms of cost).

You can with the soon to be released UCL licensing. You can buy ala-carte with UCL and mix and match with CUWL

I have to make a little research. I didnt know about UCL Licencing.

Every day there's something new to learn

Check for the numerous posts under product licensing section for information on UCL in this forum and this link below for additional information, Detailed ordering guides will be posted soon under each product for UCL

I have recently upgraded my CUCMBE system to version 8. I am trying, with my Cisco partner to sort out the licensing. My V7 CUCMBE was with 50 seats. I was told that that would tranlate to 50 UCL licenses. It seemed to work ok on the CM side with the DLU's translating to "phone units". However, on the Unity Connection side, I ended up with 50 Users with voice mailboxes, but only 10 Cisco Unity Inbox users. I'm not sure what the difference is between the two, but I was only allowed to go up to 10 users. I am now trying to figure out what, if anything I need to buy to get up to the full 50 users.


You should have received all the licenses, Unity Inbox will allow you to retrieve your VM messages from a web browser as an example so I am not if that's an important feature or not.




Is the licensing different if you want/need the Unity connection Inbox feature? It seems like I got 50 voicemail and only 10 inbox after the upgrade. I don't remember what it was on V7. Is there something set in my user template that makes it require the inbox feature. I was not able to go beyond 10 users even though I had 50 voicemail users. I had to get a temporary license from Cisco till I get this sorted out. Thanks for your help.

So let me clarify a bit. Unity Inbox with CUCM BE is a licensed feature and has a separate charge under Advanced Licensing. If you were CUWL BE then it would have been included. But since you are not, unless you paid for it before you won't get it with 8 either. With both 7 and 8 ala-carte BE options it is a separate feature

The first one called the “Advanced User option”, is a single product/part number that enables IMAP,

Cisco Unity Inbox, Speech Recognition, and Text to Speech for an individual mailbox




Thanks for the quick response. I think you have clarified my understanding of what I have vs what I may need. I'll follow up with my partner.

Thanks again

Cool, no problem



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