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CUCM Integration with Office 365

Ajay Singh


We are looking for a solution where we can integrate Cisco CUCM 8.6 with Office 365 in a hosted environment.

There are plenty of options available for CUCM and MS Lync integration (direct sip trunk, mediation server, CUCiLYNC) but i believe this is applicable when Lync is in Managed premises rather than hosted services.

In my Scenarion, customer wants an On premise CUCM integration with Hosted Office 365.

is there any document available which given provides the details of the integration along with planning and limitation/restrictions. we had been trying to connect with some partners for help but no success.



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Shobhit Sinha

For office 365 integration you need to give string of your CAS server which actually points to all exchange servers.

Check with exchange person there must be some strings like etc.

Rest follow cisco document and configure.

Recently I have configured On premise and Office 365 with unity connection.

Yes but in this case we have Uconn in the picture. Uconn with O365 is well supported by Cisco however Cisco has no app note on UCM with O365 in Lieu of Uconn that I can find. That doesn't mean it won't work but you may have to work with 2 vendors back and forth

marco fina

Hi Ajay,

it's a pleasure to reply to this discussion. We are planning to integrate Cisco CUCM v10 with Office365 (with Skype for Business on line). Our scenario is something like yours.

Our customer has Cisco CUCM on-premises and Office365 with Skype for Business hosted.

I'm looking for documentation about the possibility to develop this scenario, but i'm getting a little bit confused on it. It seems Microsoft does not allow SIP Trunking when O365 is in cloud.

Did you find anything can be helpfull?

best regards


Hi Marco,

Esna usually allows this kind of integration, and you can order it directly from Cisco.

You can have more information in the following link:


Esna SolutionsPlus Overview

For now :-) they were just recently acquired by Avaya


Hi Sri,

Do you have any latest news on CUCM on-premises integration with MS Lync under O365?

If yes, Is this integration similar to on-premises lync by just creating a SIP Trunk in CUCM pointing to Lync on Cloud?

Will appreciate the clarity on this subject.



I don't have anything more other than the link above

You  would look at SBC ideally certified by MSFT

Re: CUCM Integration with Office 365

Office 365 Hybrid and Cisco Callmanager integration | Deploy Office 365 | Microsoft Office 365 Community

Hi Sri,


I saw this integration in other posts and articles with respect to using approved SBC from Sonus, Ingate etc although they discussed only about Unified Messaging integration, didn't discuss about voice calls integration at all.



I don't believe O365 supports voice/video directly without another Lync server on premise to talk to. Then you can integrate to that using VCS as an example or preferably use Cisco CMR cloud which is an add on to WebEx. Then you can meet in the cloud from Lync or Cisco or third party standards based endpoints. Or use services like Blue Jeans or Acano or Pexip that bridge vendors together.

Hey Marco,

Can you please advise on how you managed for this integration between CUCM v10 with Office365 (with Skype for Business on line) ?

And also, did you find any documentation regarding this topic ?



Hello Marco,

We have a requirement, We currently have System version: and we are using Exchange as the Voicemail system. Now they want to upgrade from Exchange to O365 and wanted to know if we can integrate O365 with this version of call manager just for Voicemail.


Sudeep Aradhya


I recommend you also post this to the Cisco Support Community for more feedback - you can find a lot of valuable information there regarding integration between CUCM and O365, as well.

I hope this helps.

Kelli Glass

Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities


I know this is an older thread but, Bridge Communications has come out with a solution to show Cisco phone line state in the Skype for Business client for cloud homed users (O365). You can check it out here:

UUnless I am missing it where in the l does it state O365 is fine? I still see it saying not supported

UCMA isn't supported for online

Hi Srinivasan, click on the link and then the red box that says, "Skype for Business - Cloud Only Deployment". Give us a call if you want to talk through further. 701-212-4797

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