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CUCM sip trace

Bekzod Fakhriddinov

Hi guys. I have problem to see sip messages on RTMT -Real-Time date . When i try to click sip messages on Call Flow Diagram  i have

"There is no SIP message to display!
Please verify the following:
1.Check if the "Enable SIP Call Processing Trace" check box in "Unified Serviceability Webpage --> Trace --> Configuration --> CM Services --> Cisco CallManager" is enabled
2.Check if the trace level is set to State Transition, Significant, Arbitrary or Detailed" 

1 is enabled, 2 is detailed. I run RTMT as administrator. When I try to save messages on local pc  SDL folder is empty. 

CM version is 10.5.2 ,rtmt is 10.5.001

Anyone knows workaround to fix this ? 

Thank you 

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Ankoor Bek
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Please check if the selected server on the server list page is the the one hosting the call processing services.


Ankoor Bek

where is the server list page ? I have 2 subscribers and 1 publisher . I opened rtmt with  publisher ip  , then with  both subs ips  , the same problem.  Calls coming round-robin to all of them . 

I don't have server list on the RTMT. When I run rtmt its asking which serevr to connect but traces shows from all servers . 

I apologize for the confusion, after logging in to RTMT, do you select all servers to pull the traces from or specific servers?

I don't have server list on the RTMT. When I start  rtmt its asking which server to connect but traces shows from all servers . I attached print screen.

Thank you 

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