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CUCM view Cert with _- from CLI Admin

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Trying to view certificate details for a CUCM from the CLI.  My issue is viewing certificates which contain a SPACE (_) before a -


When issuing this command it fails, is there a way to delimiter this in the command to enable it to run?  I can obviously check via the OS Admin Web Pages, however writing a script which means I need to retrieve this via CLI.


Example below which is for the cert used to sign the Cisco Call Home.


admin:show cert trust tomcat-trust/VeriSign_Class_3_Secure_Server_CA_-_G3.pem

Invalid command, a dash character must be preceded by an alphanumeric character

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I think this will get resolved if you upload a new verisign certificate without "-" in CN

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Thanks for the reply.  However it could be there are multiple certificates with _- in the CN and I need to check all certificates on the server.


The verisign cert referenced is just an example.

Chances are less to have such cert, when i checked on my lab server i was able to find only Verisign   with the "-".

if you have a certificate with CN name "-" yes you gone face the same issue.

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Likely you could be affected by this defect CSCuo06421 At least the error message is very similar. It says to contact TAC for a workaround.

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