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CUE Smart Licensing

Chris Deren
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Hall of Fame Master

I have a new CUE version 10 and customer is on FLEX licensing.  I am attempting to add CUE as a device under smart account by selecting Product Family as "Cisco Unity Express" and then I enter UDI PID "UC_VCUE" and UDI SN obtained from CUE via "show license udi", but the portal comes back with error "Please enter valid device information".

Has anyone successfully added Unity Express smart license?

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Roger Kallberg
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VIP Expert

I haven’t touched a CUE in years, so I don’t have firsthand experience with this, but the administration guide have this for how to setup smart licensing for CUE.


Configure Smart Licensing

Use this procedure to configure Smart Licensing:

Step 1 Launch Cisco Unity Express GUI, and choose Administration > Smart License > Configuration. The Configuration page appears.

Step 2 To set up Transport mode, select one of the three modes under Transport Settings section.

    • Direct—Select this option to send data directly to Cisco Smart Software Manager (CSSM).
    • Transport Gateway—Select this option to use a Cisco Call Home transport gateway or a premise-installed Smart Software Manager satellite. Specify the URL for the respective Smart Software Manager satellite or CSSM.
    • HTTP/HTTPS Proxy—Select this option to use an intermediate HTTP/HTTPS proxy to send data. Enter the proxy server address and port number in IP Address and Port fields respectively.

Click Apply to update the Smart Licensing transport mode.

Step 3 To generate a token ID, log in to your Smart Account in CSSM or your Smart Software Manager satellite. Navigate to the virtual account containing the licenses to be used by this product instance. Generate a product instance Registration Token, and copy or save the token ID.

Step 4 To register your product instance, enter or paste your Token into the Product Instance Registration Token field under Smart Software Licensing Product Registration section. Then, click Register.


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Thank you, but I am stuck on defining the product instance for CUE, perhaps I am doing it wrong.  What do I select for CUE as the product?

AFAIK the product instance in the smart licensing portal, CSSM or on-prem SSM, is created once you use the token in the registration process in step 4 that I posted before. This works the same as for other UC products, like CM or CUC. It’s the system that you want to setup for use of smart licensing that will communicate with the licensing portal to create the product instance.

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