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CUEAC with CUCM 7.1.3 - missing icons,

Liz Bentler
Level 1
Level 1

I saw a few posts regarding the red X over the phone icon and and fixed this issue,  however I still have many phones with no icon what so ever.  If I search by last name starting with T for example the first 5 or so appear and the remaining 25 users ahve no icon.  THis changes from day to day as to which users have the phone icon when searching the internal directory.  I have confirmed the users phone is registered and associated with their end user account, Have made sure the MAC address referenced under preferences on the client is correct, resynchronized with CUCM, restarted the services on CUEAC and logged off and back on to the client. What am I missing?? We are about to migrate to a new CUCM 8.5 environment so we chose this version of CUEAC as it is compatible with both CUCM 7.1 and 8.5.  We need to get our receptionists trained on the new client before we take away the "free" client for good. Thanks Liz

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Tommer Catlin
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Did you setup on the Devices (Phones) and SUBSCRIBE calling search space.   The Subscribe calling space relays on/off hook status to/from the other devices in the same PT/CSS.   Dont confuse the SUBSCRIBE CSS with the calling CSS, its not the same.  (well.. it could be, but I tend to not overlap these two)


Create CSS  SYS-SUBSCIBE-CSS  (add the above to it)

Apply this CSS to all the devices, reset/reboot.

I thought there was something else buggy with this I had to do, But I cant recall...  (sorry!)

Thanks, I think I have just hit another bug.  It changes as to which users have their phone icon missing each time I log on but I would say 99% of the users have it now.

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