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CUEAC -- server requires rebooting every couple of weeks

Scott Jones
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We're running CUEAC 8.6.1 in VMWare.  about every 2-4 weeks, the server has to be rebooted because the clients lose connectivity with it and can't log on and take calls.  after rebooting the windows VM, though, it's fine.  Nothing in the logs indicates anything that would cause this...I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this and if it's better in v.9 of the software?

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Joshua Sandi
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What is the behavior you experience before having to reboot? does it say "Database not connected" in the client?

If you have a VM make sure you have Windows 2008 32-bit, 4GBs of RAM.

Also you can try to run a DB repair from the Attendant Console GUI System Config > DB Management

Hi Joshua--Yes, the message is is not responding.  Lost connection to the server.

The VM specs are all on point...i'll give the DB repair thing a shot and see if that makes a difference.  It doesn't happen every day.  It's kind of random...a couple of weeks i believe since the last issue was reported.

Thanks for your help

EDIT --  I've been tracking memory usage on both servers, one in Europe and one in the US and i'm noticing a memory leak on both it seems...I'm pending a response back from my TAC engineer on what to do, but from what i've been told by a couple friends that work for resellers and deal with it every day, the best answer i'll get is 'just reboot, it happens', which is disappointing.

If i find out anything other than 'just reboot', i'll post a follow-up here, so that some other person might benefit from it.


If the answer you get from TAC is just reboot it happens then please send me a DM with the SR number and I will get this escalated, this is not the response you should be getting.



Was there ever a solution for this problem? I am experiencing very similar issues out of the blue with CUEAC version Currently rebooting the VM server everyday at 7am before the operators start has "solved" the problem for now. I have a TAC case open but no cause/solution yet.




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Did you ever get this resolved?  I have the same issue.


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