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CUEAC Service status is "Unknown State"

Level 4
Level 4

Hi - We have upgraded our customer's CUEAC to 8.5.1 from 3.1.8 to support our CUCM upgrade to

We followed the process of an "over the top" install, the upgrade reported no errors, however, we are now recieving the following error on the service status for "Unified Attendant Server Service status is Unknown State" and no CTI devices are registering.

We have followed the advice here to update the CUEAC IP in the registry as per this link

We have also restarted the CUEAC server and restarted the CTI and AXL services on the CUCM cluster

Any advice is welcome



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Level 4
Level 4

Brian - did you get a resolution to this? I have a customer with the same issue

German Zamora
Level 1
Level 1

Brian/ jonwoloshyn:

Did you switch from using an end user to an application user in CUCM? Also, is this running on a VM or a physical server? What Windows server version are you using? If you check DB connection status and CUCM connectivity, what is the status?

Was the server's Ip address changed?

Check the follwoing things:

TAPI config and the TSP wave driver.

Check if there is any antvirus ot firewall blocking the ports.

You might also want to check the connectivity with respect to DNS