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CUEAC Upgrade

Karl Archibald

I am going to be upgrading CUEAC version 3.1.2 to version on a CUCM version 8,  Is there any gotchas or problems that can be expected?

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Hi Karl,

It is quite a simple process and should be pretty painless, you simply run the new installer over the top of the current installation.

There is 3 things that pop to mind when doing this:

- Your current solution should be using an End User in CUCM for the CUEAC to CUCM connectivity, this MUST be changed to an Application User for the new version. You can find the details of the Application User settings and the roles that are required in the installation guide which comes with the software download. I would recommend you delete the End User and create an Application User with the same username and password before you start the upgrade process but obviously not whilst the old CUEAC version is still actually active and being used.

- If you have this installed in VM, you will need to get a new license once upgraded. In order to do this you can speak to Cisco TAC and request a re-host, they know the process to follow. If you do need to do this then please have your SO or the original LAC to hand, without one of these it will be difficult to find the details to reset your license activation.

- The client upgrade is manual, it does not automatically update based on the servers version. Once again though you simply run the installation over the current install.

Thats all I can think off!


This should make my life easier.

Thank You.

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