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CUP Inter-clustering

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I have a question regarding CUP Inter-clustering. I have two Presence servers set up, both attached to different Call Manager clusters, and I am trying to integrate Presence status indicators and contacts between the two. Both Call Manager clusters/Presence instances have the same LDAP root in Active Directory. Each Presence server (and Presence client) works independently, but I'm having issues with Presence status indicators / contacts between the two Presence servers. I should be able to accomplish this by using Inter-clustering, right? Or is there another way (or any way) to do this? When I look at the Sync Agent troubleshooter, the only error I see is this:


I only see this on one Presence server, the other one is fine. Is this the cause of my problems? What specifically is happening is that I can add contacts to the CUP client from the same CUP server, but I can't add contacts to the CUP client from the other CUP server. It just shows that it is waiting for approval, and the other client never sees anything. Am I misunderstanding how this should work, or is something broken? If I am misunderstanding, is there a different way I can accomplish this?

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Why they have same mail id?


They are both synchronized to the same OU in AD, so I'm pretty sure all users will have the same mail id - it's not changable when LDAP synced.

I guess you licensed same users on two CUCM clusters.

Go to CUCM > System > License > Capability Assigments to check the licensed users.  Users should be licensed on one CUCM cluster, not both.


The users WERE licensed on the old cluster/presence server. Their License Capabilities have been removed, and they are now licensed on the new cluster/presence server. Here is what Presence Viewer shows for one of the users on the old presence server:


Unknown User Photo
Duplicate Users Found
Cisco Unified Personal Communicator
Desk Phone Control
Calendar Integration


I've exactly same issue as yours , running CUPS version 8.6.2, everythinh is OK with CUPS  troubleshooting tools . I've not the same mail ID my user have different UserID and are defined only on one cluster .

I'll keep you advise if i do any progress.

You can refer to the post :

Pb solved , pb was on AXL user's ritgh (  group "Intercluster Peer user" was missing)