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CUPS 6.0.6 OCS 2007 R2 RCC continuous self dialing

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Level 1

I have a strange issue with our COS/CUPS integration.  RCC and Presence integration work fine. The problem is RCC enabled users on OCS receive missed calls from themselves every 30 minutes.  If you are at the desk you will see the phone light up and a call from 'User A' to 'User A'.  If you answer the call it hangs up immediatley.  If you don't answer the call It goes to VM and hangs up when Unity answers.  The same behavior occurs when 'User A' signs into Office Communicator.

The Real Time Trace Logs from RTMT and the OCS Trace logs don't show anything unusal but I can see the SIP Conversation taking place on sign in that sends the SIP INVITE incoming from CUPS.

Is there a 'Presence Timer' that is genereating this call?  We have almost the exact same setup in the lab but can not duplicate the behavior.

Any suggestions are appreciated I am stumped.

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Level 9
Level 9

First of all, CUPS 6.0.x does not support OCS 2007 R2.  Which means:

1) This combination was not tested by Cisco.  Thus unexpected behavior might be observed.

2) If you run into this problem, Cisco (TAC) won't be able to troubleshoot the problem for you (because it's not supported).

You should use CUPS 7.0.x with OCS 2007 R2.

With that said, here are something under the hood:

For MOC RCC, CUPS has to know which phone device to control.  CUPS depends on the "device name" in the TEL URI to detemine which device to control.

Before the "phone selector" plug-in was introduced on CUPS 7.0.x, CUPS use a "call-back" method to detect the device.  Which is: CUPS will make test calls to the devices that match the DN in the TEL URI.  Whoever answered first would be the one choosen.  This might be the cause of the "ghost calls".


Thanks for the repsonse Michael.  I will look into upgrading to CUPS 7.

Hopefully that will solve the issue.