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CWMS - ad hoc meetings

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Hi There,

What is the road map for CWMS support for AD HOC meetings?  Any time frame, version in the roadmap?


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VIP Alumni

Can you clarify on what you mean by adhoc? You can do a meet now in CWMS today and that doesn't need scheduling



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Hi Esmeralda,

The ability to conduct ad-hoc meetings exists in CWMS today.  Scheduling in advance is an option, but it is also possible to start an instant web conference meeting at any time.  This exists today.

However, with the upcoming CWMS v1.5 release, which is scheduled to ship by the end of August 2013 (it is actually on target to ship earlier than the target date of 30 Aug 2013), we have added Personal Conferencing Number (PCN) features that extend this functionality.  With the PCN feature, each CWMS host can set up up to 3 PCN accounts, whereby they are given host and attendee access codes for audio centric conferencing.  At any time - whether scheduled or ad-hoc - a host and attendees can dial in to the teleconferencing number and enter either their host or attendee codes (predefined and persistent), and be in an audio conference.

Does this address your question?


Thank you both, Srini adn Michael.

Yes, Michael.  This addresses my question.  I also learned that this is possible with Jabber scalation on CUP and Windows. 

Is there a list of the 'limitations' of CWMS today?  For example, I know there is limited recording. 

I have a customer that wants to move forward with CWMS.  This case involves a migration from MPE and I want to be clear up front with what features are and are not supported.  I read in the communities pages related to CWMS that there were plans to post a MPE and CWMS comparison matrix but I can't seem to find it.

Thanks again,


You cna look at all the discussions tab on the WebEx community. It has references to the caveats. Just to clarify when you say limited recording. In fact it has better recording than express. It can much like WebEx support audio/video and web recording. You cannot download the recording, only stream and not all sessions can be recorded simultaneously

In the A2Q doc you can look at the top caveats to be aware of. Cisco does have an internal doc on the differences but I haven't seen it posted to partners