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Dual mode client and CUMC simultaneously on the same device

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I've always thought of the  dual mode clients (e.g. Nokia CallConnect and iPhone Mobile 8.0) and the CUMC clients as separate solutions that suit different user needs, one being ideal for users who are hardly ever in the office, the other for users who "roam" between offices or are mobile withing their office location (mobile phone used as Wi-Fi client).

It seems however that both can co-exist on the same device.  Suppose you run both CUCM  and Mobile 8.0 on a iPhone. Would the client give priority to WLAN instead dial by office when the client makes a call while in reach of the WLAN?  Is this configurable?

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Yes you can run both but honestly CUMC is going way. In fact with 8.5 all the CUMC clients will directly register with CUCM, of course the iPhone client could do this from the beginning.

Also one cannot run DVO when running CUMC at the same time

For Cisco Unified Communications Manager Releases 7.1.3 and 8.0: For deployments that are co-resident with the Cisco Mobile 7.1 client application that runs in conjunction with a Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage server, that client must run without the Dial Via Office feature.

The only thing CUMC provides more is native MP integration with WebEx. However you can use the separate WebEx app for that. See here for automatic VPN access.



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Just to add some more details on Srini's answer, here are the differences between Cisco Mobile 8 and the previous versions:

Cisco Mobile 8 = Voice over WLAN, Visual Voicemail, Directory Search, Voice dialling and has a direct connection to UCM / Unity / AD

Cisco Mobile = Dial via Office, Visual Voicemail, Meetingplace integration and connects to the Cisco UC infrastructure via an ASA and a Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage server.

You can indeed run both at the same time in the iPhone.