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ESW/UCSS upgrade leading to smartnet renewal issues


I constantly run into issues with the following scenario and want to know of a tool or method out there that may help us. Hypotheticaly lets say a client upgrades from CM 6.x to 7.x via UCSS/ESW.  From what I know at this point Cisco does not upgrade its records of ESW/UCSS to indicate what the client has moved to (if this is wrong please tell me how to resolve) .     So fast forward and we try to do a smartnet renewal for same client, but all the ESW and UCSS shows in the contracts as the old CM and it takes some running around till someone realizes the parts need to be updated and then we have to find the upgrade parts. This can be a huge pain, does anyone have a simplified method of doing this? TIA

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Chris Deren
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If customer orders upgrade media through PUT portal then Cisco records should reflect that.



Jeremy Combs

The general assumption we all have been making (myself included since I started working with Cisco UC in 2005) is that any Serial Number generated via PUT is automatically associated to the customer's ESW/UCSS Contract.  I mean, after all we have to verify entitlement via the customer's ESW/UCSS Contract in order to place the order right? 

Unfortunately we're all wrong.  According to Cisco published process documentation buried in the details (as typical with Cisco documentation) after a Partner or Customer places a PUT order and receives the software serial numbers the Partner is then to continue the process to add ESW/UCSS to that serial number as if it were a new order.  So as of right now Partners are supposed to generate a $0 quote and then proceed with that $0 purchase through their purchasing system and Cisco in order to have the ESW/UCSS Contract information updated.  I am almost certain all partners have overlooked this for years and I only found this after spending weeks with our National SE (from a previous employer as of this writing) digging through Cisco process documents to figure this exact problem out. 

Now getting your company's purchasing department to actually quote and proceed with a $0 purchase?  Good luck my friend as this process is ludicrous admittedly from Cisco's side and our purchasing department just looked at me and laughed because of the additional financial strain this would put on already strapped purchasing departments.

Thanks Jeremy, this is the kind of response I had feared I would get. So based on your response, if that $0 po is never cut the records are never updated and if you go to do a smartnet renewal you essentialy have to come up with an upgrade BOM on your own to come up with proper skus for a renewal of UCSS/ESW?

Unfortunately I never looked behind the curtain on the magic that our SMARTnet people used to correct ESW/UCSS to properly reflect the new version of CUCM.  Unfortunately I would kick the can to that team and ask them to involve Cisco to help them with the necessary BOM for your current needs.  I then suggest that you stress to whomever internally that going forward this Cisco process needs to be addressed because the problem is not going away.  I've been trying to influence that change myself but it is an uphill battle.

Thanks again Jeremy, this is what I thought. Hopefully someone from behind that magic smartnet curtain will chime in!

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