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Expressway MRA setup for multiple CM clusters behind SME

Daniel Isham
Level 4
Level 4

I am trying to figure out how to deploy MRA in the following scenario for an ITC that hosts CM services for customers:

Single cluster of Expressway Core and Edge (X8.6.1)

Session Manager Edition (SME) (10.5.2 SU2A)

3 CUCM leaf clusters (10.5.2 SU2A)

          Each leaf cluster has IM&P (Latest 10.5.2)

          Intercluster peers for IM&P configured

SME setup as ILS hub and all leaf clusters as ILS spoke

SIP / Voice services domain is the same across all clusters


Here are my questions:

1. I know that I have to have each Unified CM cluster in the Expressway Core configuration. Do I have to add SME as well?

2. Would the internal UDS SRV records just point to the SME or would I need UDS records for each CUCM cluster?

          a. I know that ILS will advertise the user's home cluster, but unsure if just having UDS records pointing to SME would suffice


I have attached a topology diagram of the setup I am attempting. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Level 1

1. I don't think it's mandatory to have the expressway peer with all the leaf clusters. I believe video calls should go through the sme

------- have a look to my blog

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Level 1


Did you find answer for your question ? I have the same setup also