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Find which user has "Personal Greeting"


Dear NetPro gurus,

Is there any tools that can help my customer to view at a glance which user has used Personal Greeting, and which are just using System Default greeting??

One of my customers has over 1,000 users and I was wondering whether such tool exist rather than having me to click on each user mailbox one-by-one. 

I did tried to export using Bulk Administration Tool as well as using User Dump Tool but neither allows me to see who has used Personal Greeting on their mailbox.

I have spent a lot of time research on this already.  Would greatly appreciated if anyone can shed some light on this.



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Tommer Catlin

well, you can run the user dump tool and do some sorting.   Such as who has never done first time enrollment.  This will tell you if they are using the system default.

Or last time they logged into their mailbox.  If its 5 months old, delete their box.

Have you checked this one?

Voice Name Recorded

You should be able to narrow down even farther in the greetings directory.   If you have 1000 users and the in greetings directory you see there are only 500 "aliasname.wav" in the personal greetings.. then you know only half have done this.

Good luck!    

David Hailey

You had a previous post on this in which I provided the following:

When you run the Subscriber  Information Dump for Unity, you have the option to pull the WAV file  info for greetings as well as data for which greeting(s) are enabled.   When you do that, you would be able to see the following:

  • Greeting WAV file – standard. This will include the WAV file name of the standard greeting for a  subscriber. The WAV file itself is copied into      the same directory  where you select the CSV File to be written to so be sure to pick a  directory that has enough space to store all the greeting      files. The  file will be named with the alias of the subscriber followed by  “_GREETING_STANDARD.WAV”.   If there is no standard      greeting  recorded for the subscriber, the column will be empty. If  there is a standard greeting it will be copied to the output directory  as noted and the file name used will be written in the column.

I  haven't looked at this data for the purpose you intend but the standard  (and alternate) greetings are the most commonly used.  When you set up  your mailbox, it asks you to record a personal greeting (this would be  the Standard greeting).  If you do not record a personal greeting then  the system default would be used.  So, if I have a personal greeting  then the applicable Greeting WAV file output in the subscriber dump  should be populated.  Otherwise, it would be blank.  Should be easy for  you to test and verify if this is the case.

I think this will give you what you need.  Did you take a look at this data yet?


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Hello David,

I ran that User Data Dump but I couldn't see where the option to pull the WAV file  info for greetings?? Or is the Subscriber  Information Dump for Unity another tool that can perform this function?

Thanks so much for your help in advance,



If you are using UNITY then the Subscriber Information Dump is a tool within the Unity Tools Depot.

If you are using UNITY CONNECTION, the tool may be named differently.

Are you using Unity or Unity Connection?


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