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H.323 to SIP trunk interworking.

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Level 1

    I have a sip trunk between CUCM and third-party PBX system.  A incoming call from third-party system come into CUCM system through the sip trunk. The call is routed to a cell phone in PSTN  via a H.323 voice gateway.  When the cell phone's user refuse the call directly,  the calling part still ring about 1 minutes. It seems that signal of refusing the call isn't delivered to the SIP trunk from H.323 Voice Gateway. 

Do you have any experience about it?


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Marco Rojas Abarca
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello there,


Thanks for turning to CSC community for assistance. What type of connection do you have from H.323 Gateway to ISP? We would want to have CCM traces from CUCM and debugs from the H.323 gateway, simultaneously.

The idea here is to have the full picture by looking at the entire call flow. Not only a portion of it. If you can provide the type of connection to ISP, I may be able to provide the debugs you require to determine what is happening.


Hope this information helps,

Marco R.

Hello Marco R, 

     Thanks for your reply!

     I just resolved the issue.  


That's very glad to hear! Hopefully I can help out in a future post!
Marco R.