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How do you search through configured Alternate Extensions to correct error message : The phone number or extension has already been assigned to some other object.


When configuring a new Unity Voicemail Account I receive this message : The phone number or extension has already been assigned to some other object. I understand that this means that the 10 digit number I am trying to configure as the alternate extension for this user is already configured for another object with Unity.

I need to search by the 10 digit number and determine where it is configured so I can change it and map to the correct end user.

I have attempted to to search Users via DTMF Access ID using the 10 digit number with nothing being returned via that search.

How do I Search all of the copnfigured Alternate Extensions within our Unity Server?

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Aaron Harrison
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VIP Alumni


Maybe do a bulk export to CSV, then search the CSV file?

Subscriber Information Dump may be your friend - not done this for this purpose but sounds feasible :-)

Otherwise the DB is SQL (assuming here you are using Unity rather than conection) so you could browse round the DB using SQL Ent Manager to find where they are stored... sorry, don't have a Unity near me to find it for you at the moment.


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Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame

Hi Jason,

My friend Aaron is most correct (+5 points "A") the Subscriber Info Dump

can pull this info

Here is a nice post from Chris (just in case)



A subscriber info dump is likely the fastest way.  If you're curious regarding other methods, you can also use the Data Link Explorer (CUDLE) tool which is in the Cisco Unity Tools Depot.  All extensions for all objects are referenced in the "DTMFAccessId" table.  The View menu has a Query Builder which you can use to compile a SQL query that searches for a digit string.  It's best to search for both the 10 digit string as well as an abbreviated string as Unity sees them essentially the same and they are usually should be associated with a single subscriber.  Once you find a match, you can use the "ParentObjectId" value associated with the DTMF access ID to look for a matching owner in the "GlobalSubscriber" table.  The ParentObjectId should match the SubscriberObjectId for a subscriber (assuming the DTMF access ID is assigned to a subscriber).  This is the same thing as looking at SQL; however, you are not directly accessing the DB so this is generally considered the safest way to browse and get a feel for where things are.


Scott Lamb

User search > Limit to partition > Select your partition > Select "Display Primary and Alternate Extensions in selected partition"

This is by far the fastest way to get the information.

Thanks,  this was simple and right to the point.  This saved us a lot of time.

This worked. Thanks

Thank you! I wish I'd known about this years ago - life changing :)

Thank you, I found what I was looking for.... :)

WInner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!

Thank you so much are the BEST... :)

Thanks Scott that's awesome!!

This is exactly what I needed. 10.5 years later and it still solved my issue. Thank you!

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