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How to configure CAR Dial Plan

Hi All,


I been assigned work on CUCM traffic study and count for incoming and outgoing call. This to ensure that we use a correct bandwidth and number of PRI and DID that we purchased. In every month, i have to generate a report from CUCM > CAR, hence we need a correct information from the report.


From my understanding Dial Plan Configuration has been default shown as below attach.


However, i would like to know whether the default CAR Dial Plan Configuration is comply with current dial plan setup in the CUCM or not? Below is our Route Plan that configure in the CUCM


Route Pattern

8.! (On-net) = Example 'If user want to have intercluster call, they have to dial prefix 8 follow by the extension number

XXXXXXX (Internal) = Example 'If user want to have internal call, they have to dial only the extension number

9.[2-9]! (Local) = dial prefix 9 follow by landline phone number to have a local call

9.01[0-9]....... (Mobile 7 Digit) = Dial prefix 9 follow by mobile number to have a mobile 7 digit number

9.01[0-9]........ (Mobile 8 Digit) = Dial prefix 9 follow by mobile number to have a mobile 8 digit number

9.0[3-8]!# = (National Call)

9.00!# = for international call.





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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

No, you need to adjust it, you can easily tell this by yourself by looking at the calls and whether they're being categorized properly or not.



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Hi Jaime

Good to see you again. I know that you work with Cisco TAC as i have liaise with you a year ago. Anywhere my concern on prefix, should i put the prefix as well in the CAR Dial Plan? Default is no prefix. However, our environment to call PSTN must dial 9 as a prefix and to call via intercluster trunk must dial 8. Please advice. 


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