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How to integrate Opentext RightFax with Cisco CUCM

Hi Team,


i am trying to integrate Opentext RightFax with Cisco CUCM 11.5, I have some installation guide from RightFax but it says to configure Cisco Unity connection but don't have Cisco Unity in my setup. please suggest will i have to install Cisco Unity Connection and if yes will i have to also buy port license for Cisco Unity.


please suggest.



Dharmendra Bhavsar

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

You do not need Unity for Fax integration, only if you want the integration from voicemail system, which is rare.

For simple faxing integration assuming RightFax has IP capable card you just need to build a SIP trunk from CUCM or CUBE to it and configure appropriate dial plan items.

Thanks Chris for reply.. :)

client want to receive the fax on email using Microsoft Outlook and vise versa. secondly you said RightRax has IP capable Card is this any propitiatory card as i just have software license for RightFax.

please suggest..

Warm Regards

The email integration would be done on RightFax side per their directions.

As to the card it's been a while since I've done much on RightFax but they used to require SR140 PCI card on the RightFax server for it to work, it's very likely it is no longer needed and things are done in software only. Something you'll need to determine.