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How to unsubscribe many services from 1 user at the same time?


Hi everyone,

Cisco Unified CM Administration
System version:

Does someone know how to delete a huge list of services in "Device Profile" when you select a specific user?

I have users who has a lot of subscribed services. Always the same is repeating : Extension Mobility.

I don't want to do each time a unsubscribe, click next, are you sure, etc, etc.

Via bulk tool? Or is there an other way?

Could someone help me out here please?


I add a print screen.


Thank you.



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Pedro Francezi

It is not possible to unsubscribe multiple services at once in the cucm.
You'll need to unsubscribe each service.

Best regards.


You can use AXL or whip them out of the database directly.


Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!

Hello Aaron and Pedro,

I found a way to get rid of it quite easily. It took me a long time to find and it was all the time in front of me :-s

I share it in case that someone has the same issue.

Find a UDP with the issue. Then:

1/ Bulk Administration => user device profiles => export udp => specific details.
2/ Find the user => fill in file name => file format is "Default UDP Format" => radio button "run immediately".
Now the file with data is on the server, we have to download it to our laptop.
3/ Bulk Administration => upload/download files => find the file you just created => Select => Download selected => save on your laptop/desktop.
Do not change the file and upload it again to the CUCM server.
4/ Bulk Administration => upload/download files => add new => browse to your file => Target is "UDP" => Transaction type is "Insert UDP - Specific details" => save.
Now we are going to apply the file again, but here comes the magic:
5/ Bulk Administration => User Device Profile => Insert UDP => select your file => In "Override options", check "Delete all existing Subscribed Services before adding new Services" => Run immediately => Submit.

Go check your list, she's empty :-).




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