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hunt groups

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I have a few questions about Huntgroups

If a User has single number reach (mobile/fixed) and is member of a huntgroup:

- in the normal situation, does the mobile phone ring also, when the huntgoup number is phoned ?

- if the user is logged out from extension mobility, is he still an active member in huntgroup? Via SNR/mobile

- if the If user uses Call forward on fixed/mobile to other party in stead of Single Number Reach (mobile) does the mobile phone ring?

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Level 7

Thank you for posting to the Collaboration Community. Have you tried posting this question to the Cisco Support Community? You will find a great number of  posts about hunt groups,  and you may be able to get the information you are seeking there. I recommend you post this and future technical support questions to the Cisco Support Community ( where our Cisco technical support experts provide assistance.  

We do encourage you to participate in the Cisco Collaboration Community and to also join our Cisco Collaboration User Group program!  In the community, we encourage your discussion/sharing around collaboration topics and Cisco Collaboration Solutions, including business and IT requirements, industry trends, process, culture/organization issues, how collaboration can be used to transform businesses, vendor selection, adoption, training, architecture, licensing, and product features/functionality. If you are a customer or partner, you can also join the user group program to be eligible for member-only events and influence product direction.

We hope to hear from you again.

Kelli Glass

Moderator for the Cisco Collaboration Community

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