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iDivert not working with shared line

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I have a directory number that is shared across multiple phones.  We're trying to send calls from specific numbers to voicemail.  I have a voicemail box set up, but when we test it nothing happens when pressing iDivert softkey button.  Doesn't iDivert work with shared numbers?

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Is your Unity Connection integration SCCP or SIP? If it is SIP, then iDivert requires that the Allow QSIG During iDivert CallManager service parameter be set to True for iDivert to work. (And you'll want Use Legacy Immediate Divert service parameter set to False.)

Are these parameters already in place? If so, I'll go set this up in my lab and take a look at the trace. The documentation makes no mention of a restriction for shared line appearances, but that doesn't mean it will work either.


We use SCCP. During my testing, the option is there to select iDivert, but absolutely nothing happens when you try to select it.

Huh. And there is no message on the phone, like "Key is not active" or anything?

I assume the callerID you want to divert is an inbound call from the PSTN - What kind of gateway/trunk is it? (SIP, MGCP, etc.)

Do you have the Use Legacy Immediate Divert parameter set to true or false?

Is the number the originator dialed the number of the shared line appearance, or is there a forwarding hop in there?


No message at all. You press iDivert and it just keeps ringing. It's an MGCP gateway. Sorry, I mis read your earlier comment about legacy iDivert. Currently, Use Legacy Immediate Divert is set to true. No forwarding loop.

I've changed Legacy service parameter to False.  Next I set up another extension and shared it across 2 phones, then made a test call and the iDivert worked as expected.  Lastly, I tested the original line that i'm trying to get set up for and when I called, nothing happened, i.e. I press iDivert and the call continues to ring and does not actually divert the call.  Any ideas?