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Import ApplicationUsers CUCM 11.5


I want to know if there is a possibility to import new Application Users. What I did was to export the App users, modify the .csv file, add again into a .tar file and imported into the CUCM.

But, the user is created but without any password. I need to create almost 20 App users because customer requests, and I want to do it the most easy way as this customer have ten CUCM clusters.

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Andrew Skelly
Level 7
Level 7

This way might be a little bit longer, but why not add the app users manually to one cluster, export them, then import them to the other 9 clusters?  This way you can first confirm that all of the application users are working as expected and the passwords are correct on the first cluster, saving you time from updating 10 clusters total if there is an issue (potentially multiple times).

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Hi Andrew,

I'd tried, but when I import them the password do not work. And if I make an export of those new users the field "PASSWORD 1" its empty.