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Intercluster of Presence

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I have two separate 6.X Presence cluster installed. Each Presence cluster is connected to its own Call Manager cluster. I have set up an intercluster trunk between the two Presence cluster. The trunk is working fine. The Troubleshooter reports no error, all green checkmarks on the Intecluster component. Where I am having an issue is a CUPC user in one cluster does not see the status of the other CUPC user in another cluster. All they see is the other user offline. Within each cluster, CUPC users do not have this issue. I have the same Enterprise Proxy Domain set up on both Presence cluster. We're running CUP 6.0.2 on one cluster and CUP 6.0.4 on the other. I would appreciate any insights. Thank you.

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Level 5

You need to create a peer relationship between the two CUP servers so that presence information is shared. What is the status of the peers? Do you see some users associated?


Thanks for responding. I have the issue resolved through TAC. Apparently, I had, in the service parameter for the Enterprise Presence Engine Contact, a setting that points to itself on port 5060. This is per the Presence setup guide. Well, it won't work when you have intercluster peers. What you need to do is not to put a value in this field, just leave it blank. Then Presence status will be sent through the Presence engine on port 5070, then it will work.