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Interesting Presence issue and changing the domain


I've got an interesting problem that I recently posted about in a different discussion forum.

Basically I've got a presence setup. This is federated with an OCS. The OCS domain is something like This is the same as the email domain, and the SIP uri's are

The issue is that when the presence server was set up, the proxy domain was set as something like cmp.local. cmp.local is the domain for the entire internal MS infrastructure. The problem appears to be that this conflicts with the internal domain. So when looking up in the directory instead of getting the OCS domain it gets replaced with the cmp.local. Functionally this results in the jabber client being unable to add federated OCS contacts from the directory as they just get added as internal jabber contacts.

I'm thinking of changing the domain on the presence server to something like jabber-cmp.local, i.e. a domain that doesnt exist. Once we migrate to jabber we'll change the domain again back to company.local so we can federate externally properly. Does anyone have any experience of doing something similar? Any pitfalls anyone can point out?

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Tommer Catlin

Federation can only be setup  a few ways

- Intra domain  (   federated to

- inter domain (  federated to

- Intra domain partitioned  ( federated to

You need to define this to make any of the with CUPS 8.6.4 (you should run latest and greatest).   Now, depending on which version OCS you have R1 or R2 is important as well.

Put the CUPS server in the domain you want it in.  Some of the SIP paramenters can be pushed for Jabber 4 windows XML file  IE:  




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