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IP phones freezes randomly


Dear All,

IP phones freezes in the middle of operations for example if there is an incoming call and when its picked up the phone still rings, further when I try to dial number it will give no dial tone and will not dial the number for like more than 2 minutes, this is about internal calls, not the ones which need to go through voice gateway, but i am sure if on LAN i am gettting is kind of delay and unresponsiveness, long distance call will suffer the same...

When the phone is restarted it becomes stable.

Is this some kind of bug or Call Manager congestion if there is a congestion how to read the congestion between 2 phones or how to identify it

Call Manager = 5.1

Phones = 7970s, 7941s 7911s.


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When did the problem start? Sounds like you might need to update the firmware on the phones. What firmware versions are you running on the telephone?

Thanks for replying, however, the problem started around 2 months back, the firmware i am running on the phone is

App Load IDjar70sccp.8-3-1-22.sbn
Boot Load ID7970_020706_cert.bin

When the phone is restarted it will work fine and will not panic, is there anything i should look for in the call manager ?

Thanks and Regards

I recomend you update the firmware if the issue is happening on more than one telephone. Call Cisco TAC and have them help you with the update.

Please keep the following in mind too :

Important information about phone  firmwares applies both to SIP and SCCP phones) :
For all SCCP firmware upgrades from firmware  release versions earlier than 8.3(3) to version 8.5(2)SR1 or greater,  you must first upgrade your firmware to version 8.5(2). Once you have  upgraded to version 8.5(2), you can upgrade your IP Phone to version  8.5(2)SR1 or later.

- Sriram

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Thanks for replying, 2 days back I changed the device pool setting of few phones which were experiencing this problem on daily bases, till now haven't heard from them about any problem which they were facing earlier, still do you think its a firmware problem, thats why i asked last time if there was anything in the call manager it self to look into ?

Definitly will upgrade the firmware of the phones. maybe at some part i might be missing something in the call manager too what can that be can any one suggest ?

Take a screeshot of the old device pool configuration you had the telephone in and the new device pool you just put them in. Post it as a reponse to this message.

Hello All,

I have this problem too. IP phones freezes frequently..for example...if you press the speaker button...or if you press the dial takes 20 to 25 secs to respond. It happens simultaneously on several phones...we did a factory reset..upgraded to the latest firmware.Still no use.I am trying to change the device pool and will make them to register to the new set of Subcribers and will update the status. Can someone please tell us why this occurs. Phones are already firmware 9.3.1SR1.

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