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Is it supported to change the vDisk size of a new CUCM 12.5 2500 users ova?

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Level 4

Is it supported by Cisco TAC to change the vDisk size of a new CUCM 12.5 for 2500 users ova from the default 80GB to 110GB on a new (green field) installation?


It is not to resize an already installed machine, it is a new deployment, increasing the default ova disk size.


The idea is to have more space and be prepared for future possible increase in size requirements or to avoid to run the ciscocm.free_common_space scripts or manually remove files to have enough space on upgradings.



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Doesn't that leave BE6K deployments goosed, as they aren't permitted to use any OVA profile bigger than 1000 user, 80GB

The only supported, documented way of increasing the size of the disk without risking partition alignment or performance problems is rebuilding the node using a larger OVA file.

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Level 1

I have a simillar problem. 

Customer has a BE6H-M5 with CUCM14SU2 -> SU3 and we have run to that Bug CsCvt97709. 3 of 4 nodes were cleared with the script but the Publisher node still stays at 96%. 

I have tried all possible but the value dont change. 

I have seen that the workaround is to use bigger ova (110 GB ) template but it is valid also for the B6H-M5 hardware?

Has anyone tried the workaround on such HW configuration?


Thanks in advance, 


To use a bigger sized disk with a one disk installation you’d need to build a new VM by using the OVA and selecting a 110 GB sized installation option. Once you’ve installed the same version as you have now you need to restore a DRS backup.

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Hi Roger, 

 Thank you for the Answer, 

that is how we plan it to do, (re-deploy the VMs in another VLan with the same hostnames etc, restore from backup and then update to SU3) 

My question was more regarding that HW - BE6H-M5 ( as mantioned from Tony Smith in his Reply 2 steps above from 09-21-2020 06:20PM)...-  are there any limitations for that HW or we can take the 110GB size template?



From what I know the hardware you ask about have no real relevance to how the VMs are built. In fact the same applies to any other hardware. It does not have relevance to the disc size used on the VM, as long as there are enough actual space available for the allocation to the VM as such.

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HI Roger, 

thank you for the answer. then we will proceed as you mentioned before. 


Some BE6K variants had a CPU that only meets Cisco's requirements for the 1000 user OVA.

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