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Is there a way to send the configuration to the Jabber client?

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Usually, to update the Jabber configuration, user needs to go to the application -> settings -> update configuration. Is there a way to do this from the server? For example, through the command line?

I really need this in my build. I would be grateful for any advice.

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Even if you don't update or refresh, Cisco Jabber automatically checks with the servers every 8 hours to make sure it has the latest configuration.

Apparently from the CLI no.

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Maybe then there is some way to log out the user from the application? without having access to his phone, from the server? To be thrown out on the authorization window in the application? provided my build doesn't use oAuth. thanks for your reply

Hi @Firework 

Once you make the changes and click 'Apply Config,' after saving the changes, the modifications will be applied to the Jabber phone. The Jabber phone may go through a restart, and the changes will take effect.




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Sometimes I need to kick a client out of the program remotely without having access to his phone. (For example, an employee lost his phone on which there was no password, such an incident happened recently) so I’m looking for a way to disconnect the user from the server and I need to throw him out to the authorization window. If you delete a user's account from the server, he cannot connect to the messaging and calling services (but in this case, the problem is that he still has a lot of commercial correspondence from the past time).
That's why I'm looking for a way to throw him onto the login screen or completely clear all his correspondence and messages remotely from the server (without having access to his phone)