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ISDN Inbound calls not working

Level 1
Level 1

I have an ISDN E1 with 10 lines.

I can call out ok, but when I try to dial–in I get the dead tone on all numbers.

I’m using CCA to configure with software v8.2.0

PSTN trunks

Primary-net5 for UK

The default time slots 1-10

Ringing in – dead tone

Ringing out – ok

No error received on CLI when Inbound numbers are dialled.

When I change the time slots 1-31

Ringing in – dead tone

Ringing out – ok

Same results

But when I change the time slots to 5-16

Ringing in – engaged tone

Ringing out – ok

I receive this error message on the CLI:

000136: Oct 18 16:00:00.463: %ISDN-6-CHAN_UNAVAILABLE: Interface Se0/3/0:15 Requested Channel 1 is not available

Any help would be appreciated

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

To begin with, how many channels are you leasing from telco ?

10 lines

Configure ten timeslots and post the complete q931 trace.

Thanks, I think we have found the problem.

We were using CCA version 3.1.(1) to configure (as insisted by Cisco support).

The ‘AA PSTN Number:’ box does not display in the CCA but the number does appear in the cli.

I have now gone back to CCA version 3.0.(1). Straight away the AA number appears, but it does not work unless you change it. Then re-enter the details and reconfigure all incoming dial plan.

Once again thanks for your interest.

In my opinion, using CCA is wasting time. Good that you have have solved anyway.