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ISR 4K and PVDMs


I'm ordering a 4K with a NIM-2MFT-T1/E1 and a PVDM4-64 slotted into the card.  If I'm only going to use one of the PRI ports at the moment, is it possible to carve out the remaining channels for use as IOS hardware XCode and Conf resources?

I know that the card can't use motherboard-installed PVDMs for TDM stuff, but I can't find any documentation that specifies whether the opposite is true as well.


I just don't want to order a whole second PVDM for the motherboard if I can carve out part of the card's PVDM resources instead.  

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Thanks.  I had already gone through that doc, but apparently I just missed the line:

"The motherboard PVDMs are supported on all Cisco 4000 Series ISRs. They can be plugged directly into the single slot on the router motherboard or into the network interface module (NIM) that supports T1/E1 ports. A PVDM4 module plugged into the motherboard delivers IP-based voice services such as conferencing, media optimization, and transcoding only.

A PVDM4 module plugged into the T1/E1 NIM would be used for voice T1/E1 connectivity. Any excess channels can be reused toward other IP-based services supported on the motherboard slot. Enhanced DSP architecture accommodates a new packet-processing engine optimized for rich-media voice applications, while concurrently supporting the TDM-IP voice framework."

So it looks like it does work one way, but not the other.  I can use card resources for motherboard functions.  I just can't use motherboard resources for card functions.  

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